A fairplay competition or top scorer list with ease

We are constantly adding new functions to Tournify. More often than we will describe in this blog. This is why it's time for a small summary of all the news of the past months, starting with the very latest: keeping up with goalscorers.

Player lists and goalscorers

New to Tournify is that you can add individual players to a team. Besides being able to display the team formats via the public website of your tournament, you can keep track of player statistics. Consider the presence, goal scorers, yellow cards and choice of a "player of the match". You decide what you want to keep track of under General> Scoring. Earlier we added the option to keep track of extra points, in addition to the normal match result. Handy for a sportsmanship championship, for example. You can also set it here if you want to use multiple sets, for example for a volleyball or handball tournament.

Publish a dressing room layout

The public website of your tournament is an increasingly good replacement for the classic program booklet. You can now assign a dressing room to each team, so that the participants know where to go before they arrive. Of course you can also add this format to your slideshow.

Team logo's

This was already an option, but by no means discovered by everyone. At “Team information” on the Teams page you can also choose a logo in addition to the flag. Then upload a logo for each team and your public website and slideshow will get a nice visual upgrade. These logos are of course also shown on the My Team page on the public website, where everyone can easily search and follow their own team.

In the meantime, we are working on adding additional languages ​​to the app and making it possible to switch divisions, locations, fields and slides in order. Do you also want to contribute ideas about new functions? Then go to www.tournifyapp.com/manage/features (login required). Here you can submit an idea yourself or respond and vote on ideas from other users.

Other improvements

In addition to the mentioned updates, we have made the following small improvements:

  • You can now easily add the public website to the home screen of your phone. Earlier, you got an error message indicating that the tournament was not found.
  • In case of a multi-day tournament or competition, the Results page will now automatically show the next day, if all matches from the previous days have already been completed.
  • Teams are sorted alphabetically on the My Team page and when organizing teams on the Layout page.
  • We have a new phone number and now provide support via WhatsApp, instead of the Tidio live chat. You can reach us by calling or sending a message on / to +31 20 211 71 09.
  • When starting the next phase in the management environment, you will now see all groups from which the teams can come, even if this group has already been played two phases before, for example.
  • When creating an account, the time zone is determined in which all times are shown in the management environment and public website. For current accounts this is on Europe / Amsterdam. As a result, there can no longer be a difference between the times in the management environment and on the public website. You can change the time zone in the settings of your account.
  • If you are using Tournify on Internet Explorer, you will now get a warning to indicate that the website may not work properly in this browser. We recommend using a modern browser such as Google Chrome.
  • With the registration form we asked by default “What is your team name?”. You can now change this question yourself in the settings of the registration page.
  • You can easily export the match schedule to PDF. You choose which days and parts you want to export and whether they should be sorted by field, time, group or team. Fixed a bug where when exporting the match schedule to PDF, two match days were printed together.
  • If you have an ongoing subscription to Tournify, you will now no longer be prompted to upgrade when you copy an existing tournament.
  • If you are co-administrator of the tournament, you can now also edit the link of the public website, if you have the correct rights to do so.
  • There is now a button to delete a result after you have entered it. Previously this was only possible by removing the numbers from the stand, but many users did not know this. .
  • Referees are now classified per match day if you do this automatically.
  • You can now set the start time of a field separately per match day.
  • If you make a purchase as a Belgian entrepreneur, the VAT number is automatically checked and the address details are automatically entered.
  • You can now assign an adjusted number of points to a team for a draw with or without goals.
  • You can now add as many sponsors as you want, because you can divide them over multiple sponsor blocks of twelve logos each.
  • In the event of a tie in a knockout match, it was not clear which team had won on the public website. The winning team is now underlined.